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We buy a large variety of electrical equipment that you may inquire during a large building project or a large plant upgrade or rebuild SES strives to be a powerful Buyer for circuit breaker , transformers , switchgear , Electrical conduit , Electrical fittings & more please contact us today if you have any surplus Electrical Equipment that you were looking to sell we promise it will be the best phone call you make Our team is standing by.

We Buy:

Circuit Breakers

  • Whether you need to offload bus duct switches or molded case breakers, we take all types of circuit breakers, regardless of make or model.

Motor Controls

  • If you have any variety of motor controllers available in your surplus goods, we can take them off your hands.


  • If you have surplus electrical disconnects intended for residential or commercial buildings, we can purchase them, regardless of size, type, make, or model.


  • We accept all varieties of transformers, including oilfield transformers, pad-mounted transformers, dry type, and more. We can handle all sizes and types from any manufacturer.

Bus Plugs

  • We can purchase and transport any bus plugs that you have available, whether they were designed for commercial or residential applications..

Data Center Equipment

  • Whether you need to offload surplus switch gears or other components vital to data center operations, if it functions, we can take it off your hands.



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