Sell Your Industrial Electrical Equipment in Aurora with SES

Sell Your Electrical Equipment in Aurora

SES has been a distinguished supplier of industrial electrical equipment in Aurora for more than 20 years, with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. You can trust us to deliver high-quality products and reliable services. If you’re planning to improve your existing equipment or remove unneeded items, SES is ready to provide the guidance and support you require. We carry a diverse array of industrial electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, switches, and transformers, to accommodate businesses and industries of every size.

SES has built a solid reputation over the past two decades as a reliable and trusted supplier of industrial electrical equipment in Aurora, IL. Their competitive pricing, cutting-edge technology, and extraordinary customer service have solidified their standing within the industry. They provide an all-encompassing selection of items, from top manufacturers to hard-to-find discontinued products, catering to any project’s requirements. SES not only offers the highest quality products but also supports the liquidation of surplus electrical equipment. Customers can confidently turn to SES for the best product, service, and value in their industrial electrical needs, with a steadfast commitment to delivering superior customer satisfaction. To get a quote, text or WhatsApp images directly to: 951-858-8315


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By selling your electrical equipment to SES, you can expect an effortless and stress-free experience. Our experts possess the industry understanding needed to accurately determine the value of your items, presenting you with competitive and fair offers. We work hard to ensure the entire process is as efficient as possible, enabling you to receive funds quickly and attend to other aspects of your business. Additionally, our amiable and attentive staff are always ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have during the transaction.

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We will make you an offer that you can not refuse if you agree we will send out a check to you before your equipment leave your business.

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At SES, fostering an exceptional customer experience is essential. Their attentive team works tirelessly to ensure that every individual is treated with the utmost respect and care. Customers can draw upon the staff’s knowledge and skills to answer any questions they may have concerning the sales process or the equipment they buy. Moreover, SES is devoted to offering only high-quality products that are built for long-lasting, reliable use.

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For individuals interested in selling their industrial electrical equipment, SES is the optimal solution. This esteemed and dependable Aurora-based company has gained a reputation for superior customer satisfaction due to their extensive expertise and skill in providing comprehensive purchasing services. They simplify the process of acquiring and managing inventory by offering new items, disposing of surplus merchandise, or recycling used equipment.

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