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We work with professionals in the electrical industry nationwide – so no matter where, Davis Exporters offers convenience and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. We’re in the business or making business easy for you – without the low-balling and the hassle that’s usually associated with companies that offer quick cash or electricians surpuls equipment.

As a company who works closely with electricians and electrical contractors, we know that quality and convenience is everything. Many in the industry just aren’t aware that their used and non-working electrical supplies are good for quick cash.

What Types of Equipment are Worth Cash?

We buy just about any type of used electrical equipment, supplies, machines, and more. This includes circuit breakers, transformers, motor controllers, electrical wiring, and more – any make and model, any manufacturer. The exact value of your equipment will vary depending on condition.

How Do I Get an Estimate on My Equipment?

We always give a fair estimate on the surplus equipment and suupplies that we buy. If you have electrical materials you no longer need or have use for, we will gladly assess their value and make you an offer.

The process of selling to us is dead simple. Take photos of the materials you are looking to sell. Send them to us either by email –, or through our contact and picture upload forms. We will then make you an offer and can promise service within 24 hours. That’s quick cash.

We can also be contacting directly by phone to talk about the value of your equipment. Call 866-877-7740 to speak with a buyer.

What About Shipping and Moving My Stuff?

We take care of all the heavy lifting and logistics that are involved in the transaction. So not only is it quick cash, it’s easy cash. We don’t expect electrical contractors to jump through hopes just to sell excess supplies and equipment. That’s probably why…

We Have a Great Reputation With Sellers

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