The Benefits of Fast, Reliable Circuit Breaker Buyers

Do you have surplus electrical equipment you wish to sell? Our team can give you cash for circuit breakers, whether they’re new or used before your surplus equipment even leaves your property. Sell Electrical Surplus is a name you can count on for reliable circuit breaker buyers that won’t cherry-pick through your equipment or waste your time.

Our team accepts all circuit breaker manufacturers, whether or not they’re in working condition. Whether your circuit breakers are from GE, Allen Bradley, Westinghouse, FPE, or Challenger, we can buy it from you. This means more money in your pocket, no matter what kind of circuit breakers you’re looking to offload. We also accept several types of circuit breakers, including molded case breakers, bus duct switches, motor starter, and air circuit breakers.

When you call one of our representatives, we can have a team member out to service your request within 24 hours, at your convenience. Don’t worry about taking inventory or transporting your goods: we can handle all of that for you to save you the hassle. We seek to make doing business through us easy, convenient, friendly, and fast. Not only does this save you time that might otherwise be spent listing excess electronics for sale, but it saves you the cost of shipping individual orders of electrical surplus. We take care of all the shipping costs and can handle all of the goods you want to sell in bulk to save you both time and money.

Are you looking for reliable, fast circuit breaker buyers to give you cash for circuit breakers and other excess electronics? Look no further than the team at Sell Electrical Surplus. Our team wants your excess electrical equipment, no matter its condition. Call us today at (951) 858-8315 to learn more about our same-day pickup service or get a free quote.

How to Sell Circuit Breakers

Learn How to Sell Circuit Breakers

Are you looking to sell circuit breakers or other electrical equipment? You’ve come to the right place! Davis Exporters specializes in reselling or recycling outdated or surplus electrical equipment from circuit breakers to wiring to motor control components.

We pride ourselves in making the selling process as smooth and easy as possible for ourcustomers. As soon as a representative of Davis Exporters takes your call to sell circuit breakers, we’ll get a team member out to your site within 24 hours, catering to your schedule.

When you sell circuit breakers or other equipment to us, we take care of the inventory and transportation of your equipment. No need to count or list the kinds of circuit breakers you have to sell—we’ll do it all for you! You’ll have cash in hand before we leave your property,and we’ll give you the best rates available for your circuit breakers.

As a long-time circuit breaker buyer, we know the industry inside and out. Our rates are always extremely competitive, a fact that ensures our customers continue to come back to do business with us time and time again! At Davis Exporters, we work to build long lasting connections now and for the future. That’s because both parties benefit from a relationship where you don’t have to shop around to make one-time sales every time you’ve got old or surplus products.

We hope to become a trusted partner you can depend on when you need to sell circuit breakers and other excess electrical equipment. Circuit breaker buyers you can trust

Davis Exporters is a family-owned business that has rapidly become one of the top circuit breaker buyers in the region. Although we’re based in southern California, we’re growing fast and are beginning to expand into other states.

Let us take care of any unneeded or surplus equipment. Rather than allow them to accumulate dust in a warehouse somewhere, we’ll take them off your hands and put some extra cash in your pocket. You can reach a Davis Exporters team member at 1-866-767-7740.

What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?

Every now and then, your circuit breaker is tripped. A room in the house goes dark, or your electrical plugs don’t work and you simply flip the switch back to where it should be. But what exactly is going on when that switch flips off? What does your circuit breaker do for you? The simple answer is that your circuit breaker is there to protect you, but how it does so is a little more complicated.

Circuit breakers are called such for a reason. When a dangerous surge of energy is detected, your circuit breaker will interrupt the electric flow by opening the circuit to prevent possible fires or other damage. When the circuit is opened, it creates what is called an arc, which is a large amount of heat created by the interruption of the electric flow. The breaker is designed to withstand this arc and then extinguish it to avert any possible danger.

When an overabundance of energy is detected, the circuit is opened by what are called contacts, which are made of highly conductive metals to ensure that the contacts can endure the arc. But, these contacts can wear out after battling the many arcs that come their way. Luckily, many circuit breakers have replaceable contacts so it’s easy to keep your home or any other building safe from fire or electrical damage. When you flip the switch back on, the circuit closes and resumes the electric flow to give you that light and electricity you need.

While the contacts are able to hold the heat of the arc, the arc must be extinguished before the electric current can be reestablished. This can be done with air, oil, insulating gas or vacuum, depending on what type of circuit breaker it is. It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t take long for the arc to be extinguished. Most arcs can be snuffed out in 30 to 150 milliseconds. That’s about 0.03 to 0.15 seconds. So, when you finally lug those old boxes aside, the arc has been extinguished and the circuit is ready to resume that electric flow to your television.

When the circuit breaker is tripped, it seems like a bit of a nuisance to go flip it back on. But, in reality, your circuit breaker is protecting you, like a security system for malevolent electric surges. Except, unlike a security system, it not only detects the problem, it gets rid of it for you. Just reset it and that trusty circuit breaker will be ready to defend you from the next fire or power surge.