The Benefits of Fast, Reliable Circuit Breaker Buyers

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Our team accepts all circuit breaker manufacturers, whether or not they’re in working condition. Whether your circuit breakers are from GE, Allen Bradley, Westinghouse, FPE, or Challenger, we can buy it from you. This means more money in your pocket, no matter what kind of circuit breakers you’re looking to offload. We also accept several types of circuit breakers, including molded case breakers, bus duct switches, motor starter, and air circuit breakers.

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Tips for Used Circuit Breaker Buyers

So what is a circuit breaker and why used circuit breaker buyers must be careful when acquiring one?

Here, we will talk about the basics of circuit breaker and I will also be giving tips.

What is a circuit breaker? It can be a manually or automatically operated electrical switch. It is designed to protect your electrical circuit from short circuiting or overloading. The breaker’s main function is to detect faulty and interrupted power flow. Do not confuse this one for a fuse, because unlike it, it is used one and is replaceable. Basically, with this, your small devices or appliances are protected from current electric surge.

When buying used circuit breaker, you have to be able to test it first. Of course, you want to know if it is in a working condition or not.

You also have to know if what you are buying is genuine or fake item. This is important as you are dealing with something that can potential cause you fire in your household. If you are in the United States, you have to look for UL listings (Underwriter’s Laboratories). This is basically list of items that are certified and tested for use in the US. Yes, many sellers’ listing don’t include descriptions of their items, if the UL is not found in the said item, then it is not for use in the US.

For potential used circuit breaker buyers, it is always best that you check the item first before you buy it. If you are doing the transaction online, it is highly suggested that you check the seller’s information. You also need to find out if there is a personal warranty given to you by the seller.

Basically, these are simple tips that you should consider when buying your used circuit breaker. Hopefully these tips help you as one of used circuit breaker buyers.