How to Organize Your Warehouse

How to Organize Your Warehouse

A cluttered, disorganized warehouse hinders productivity. It can also cost you money. You’ll spend extra time and effort finding items you need, or end up buying duplicates because you can’t find what you already have. You might be leaving money on the shelf, as well—some of the items you’ve stuck in your warehouse but never use might be valuable. Get your warehouse organized! Here’s how.

Schedule time for a warehouse makeover.

Depending on the size of your warehouse, organization may take quite awhile. It’s best to schedule a block of time to get the entire project done at once; that way you can get back to work quickly.

how to organize your warehouse

Ideally, you’ll schedule your warehouse cleanup during a slow time, or during off hours. Schedule extra employees to help; offer to pay overtime or a bonus to recruit plenty of help. Plan on providing snacks and pizza during the project to keep morale (and energy) high.

If you know you’ll have a lot of things to throw in the trash, you might want to schedule a rental dumpster.

Come up with a system.

Map out your warehouse and decide on a systematic approach. Block out sections into grids and plan to tackle each grid one at a time.

Designate a large space on the floor or outside the warehouse to sit items during organization. You may use masking tape or chalk to designate:

  • Items to be put back away.
  • Items to be sold.
  • Items to be donated to charity.
  • Items to be thrown away.

Plan for re-organization if needed.

If your warehouse doesn’t have clear organization, now’s the time to move things around. Draw up a new map and mark areas for specific items. For instance, all your packing supplies should be in one part of the warehouse; products should be near like products, equipment should be in areas where it’s most used.

Get started!

If you’re doing a complete re-organization, remove every item from the first grid on your system map. Have employees place each item in its designated spot: either to be put back away, sold, donated or thrown away. Once a grid area is empty, wipe down shelves, sweep floors and throw away any trash. Then replace any items that need to go back on the shelves.

Move on to the next grid and proceed in the same fashion until you’ve organized and cleaned every grid on your map.

Deal with the extra stuff.

Once everything you’re keeping is organized and put away, deal with the rest.

The items to be thrown away can be placed into the rental dumpster; call the removal company to retrieve it. Items that are valuable can be sold. Scrap metal can be recycled. Equipment, including everything from office furniture to generators can be sold. Contact local dealers to get information on how to have the items picked up and purchased.

Contact a local charity to pick up items for charitable donation.

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